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Syd gets a kick outta making Josie laugh.  This was about a month ago, I think.

The Girls Dedication

Yep, after two and a half years, I figured we'd make it public that our child is, in fact, not a heathen.  :O)

Just a few photos...

Josephine is growing so fast, I can't believe it!  I'm already pulling out six month stuff and it looks like it might fit her.  Sydney is feeling sick still, so she's in rare form.  Very frustrating.  And she's currently upstairs NOT napping.  Bah, I say!!  BAH.

I want cheese.  Like, really bad.  When will I be done nursing?

Nothing new, life is boring.

I am feeling a little envious of those around me who are getting pregnant again...I don't want another baby right now, but I love that feeling of not knowing what the little one will be like and that superb feeling of anticipation.  Not that either of my kiddos have been a letdown, just that pregnancy is such a wonderful time.  I now know four pregnant chicks. 

I feel like I've spent an eternity stuck in my house, ya'll.  I need to DO SOMETHING.  Besides fold laundry.  I think my brain will explode if I fold one more onesie or pink piece of clothing.  Maybe tomorrow we can go to the library or something.  If the 10 feet of snow outside doesn't prevent me from extracting myself from the house.  

SO, because I am bored, here are some pictures.  And, no, I'm not cutting them!!  HA HA!

The Girlies

Some picturesCollapse )

Sydney has decided that objects, like food, for example, belong up her nose.  Today it was a piece of an apple.  Two days ago it was a piece of tortilla.  What shall we do with that child?  Josie is growing so fast!  I'm already putting away her 0-3 months stuff.  How sad.  I won't have another little one for several years.  :(  

I'm ready to get outta this house.  I was going to audition for a show, but I realized that was lunacy and changed my mind.  Hopefully Josie will cooperate and I can go to some mom groups or something before I lose my mind.  

Josie is sleeping on her belly today for the first time.  I had Sydney sleeping on hers by 5 weeks, but Josephine just wasn't ready for that.  I've been checking on her ever 10 minutes or so, but she is doing fine and sleeping for more than 30 minutes for once.  Hopefully this will be a turn of events for us around here.  I'm a walking zombie.  

All else is wonderful.  This was probably the best Christmas we've ever had and the most depressing new year's eve.  Oh well.  Can't have it all!!

Time, sleep, and annoyances

Heaven help me, I'm busy!  Josie is so easy, it's just Sydney that is causing all the trouble.  And I feel bad, because all she seems to do is get on my nerves.  She's just really loud and demanding and she does things just to get attention.  Problem is, it's stuff she knows she's not supposed to do!  

It helps that she's cute.

Josie is doing very well, too.  She is up over ten pounds now, which really puts my mind at ease, especially since I've been able to exclusively breastfeed for the last month or so.  

And she's deliriously cute, which makes the annoyances I feel toward Sydney a bit better.  

Matt is doing well at his job, but he's been sick, so he's been a little bit crabby with me.  Which makes me sad.  

And I am doing well, too.  I'm all healed up and eager to leave the house as often as I used to.  Which I plan to do tomorrow.  I'm just not sure what to do.  I'm also down to my prepregnancy weight, which makes me insanely happy.  For all the ways my body betrays me, at least it heals well after pregnancy. 

Sadly, though, I've had to cut dairy out of my diet.  Like, even goat's milk.  Josie is Extremely Sensitive to all forms of dairy and is certain to let me know by screaming for hours in the middle of the night.  Any and all advice about how to replace dairy is welcome.  

I am auditioning for another show in about a week, hopefully.  It's Once Upon A Mattress.  I'm still on the fence about whether this is a good idea, being freshly mommied again.  

Aye.  Well, I see bedtime has snuck up upon me once again.  I will go for now.  

Pictures of the fam

Grandma took this the day after Josie was born.

I didn't realize how very tired I look in this picture.  True to form, Sydney is not looking at the camera.

Again, sleep-deprivation is apparent. 

She was looking right at the camera, but alas.  

Matt's birthday was fun.  He turned 30 and we all looked at his website:


I can't resist...

Here is a video I forgot that I took, just for grandparents.  Or you, if you please!

A few pictures of Josie.

I tell you what, I'm blessed, that's what!!  Josephine is turning out to be the sweetest little baby ever.  She sleeps for hours at a time and nurses really well (like, to the tune of I haven't used any formula in days) and she is gaining weight, not losing it.  I've pretty much adjusted to the changes.  She is such a little cutie.  Sydney is doing well, too.  She loves to give Josie hugs and kisses and help with changing her diaper.  She's a little jealous, but like Kermit said, 'it ain't easy being green.'  I'm sure she will survive this.  

People have been so gracious in giving us meals and help and I feel eternally greatful for the blessings that God is bestowing upon us.  I'm not going to say I'm ready to do this again anytime soon, but now at least I know I can survive a newborn without losing my mind.  (I wasn't so lucky last time!)  

I love both of my girls! 

Hooray! Pregnancy is over. It's a...

Beautiful, 7 lb. 13 oz., 19 inch, baby GIRL!  

Her name is Josephine Yvaine and she is turning out to be the sweetest little thing.  She was born after 6 1/2 hours of labor (which I hesitate to call it, because only the last hour was painful) at 7:23 am on November 2nd.  She looks just like Sydney.  Which means she looks just like Matt.  Most of my labor was contractions 3-4 minutes apart lasting about 30-45 seconds.  It was weird to feel so normal and to laugh and talk.  Sydney woke up at about 6:15 and ended up going to the neighbors because she got really scared when I started screaming.  I'm having problems with nursing again, we are doing an SNS until my milk comes in because Josie was already showing signs of dehydration.  It's going well, though.  She is an excellent nurser with a strong latch.  And she loves to nurse, much to the dismay of my aching chest.  I hate giving her formula, but the alternative is too unbearable.  So, we'll just do this and hope that the Metformin I have begun to take will improve my milk supply.  Anyway, on to the pictures!



Here is Sydney:

Sister Love!

And, coincidentally, I am feeling great.  I had a superficial tear, but it didn't need stitches and I am getting around pretty well.  I'm also not feeling too tired for being awake over 30 hours.  And, HOORAY for nursing, I'm already down 15 pounds (just 6 pounds heavier than my start weight.)